A week after the pole fitness competition was over I found a trainer and began training for NPC Bikini. My first trainer had me eating way too much protein (so much I basically woke up sick every morning and would feel nauseous during the day – I didn’t always hit my protein macro). After buying pants that were a size bigger due to fat gain, I realized I needed a new trainer. My body wasn’t feeling great with the diet I was on and after 6 months I welcomed the change. I started with my new trainer 17 weeks out from NPC Bikini Competition. I had a few refeed days and a couple cheat days (not enough) during the 17 weeks. I was training 6 days a week while also working a full time job and going to school for my health coaching certification. Each week I would meal prep for my boyfriend and me (we competed together) and made everything work. The NPC stage wasn’t nearly as scary as the pole fitness stage. What kept me going was the fact other girls were also training and doing everything they needed to and in order for me to compete against them than I had to make sure I ate all my macros, completed all my workouts, and consistently practiced my posing. I enjoyed the discipline of it all in a way. It was nice knowing what workout to do and what to eat and have someone hold you accountable. It was another challenge where results showed and I learned how strong I was physically and mentally,” Khrystle explains.• See the whole story on the blog • • • • #abs #muscle #instafit #gymlife #fitnessmodel #fitnessmotivation #fitnessaddict #cardio #fitgirl #exercise #weightloss #shredded #strong #crossfit #gains #fitlife #girlswholift #nutrition #aesthetics #body #fitspiration #physique #getfit #dedication #cleaneating #muscles #yoga #nopainnogain #strength #bodybuilder

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