Afterlight – Photo Editing App

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Afterlight – Photo Editing App

Afterlight M

Hi all!! I know, when it comes to photo editing apps on mobile device you have quite a huge number of options. You can go with all in one tool like Instagram where you can edit and share but with some limitation of features in comparison to some other tools. Alternatively, you have a number of standalone unique editing applications that are now becoming ever more popular and which have a large amount of tools to edit your images but they don’t have the integrated social network features. One such photography editor getting popular in the market is the Afterlight app.

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The Afterlight app gains its name among the users with its ease in use combined with the good amount of tools, filters etc. You have some other features borrowed from other platforms. The Afterlight app features photo editing capabilities that you expect from any photo editing app but with a UI that is easy and pleasing to use. The adjustment tools that are available help you to rotate, crop, tinker with brightness, contrast, exposure etc. There are around 59 filters with some guest submitted ones which adds timeliness to your images. Not enough? You got 66 textures that range from scratchy films to the dust and light leaks. On the whole it comes out 77 shapes that enable to have brilliant frames to your photo images.

Afterlight app lets you to have the general toning options one that you find in Photoshop or any other photo editing platforms. You have the options to purchase the filter pack upgrades that are available in apps. They provide you with 128 different simple to use frames that are really cool to present your images. You can add it to your mobile arsenal.

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armbandphone3 I use this app for all my filtering and lighting needs. It’s easily navigated and has MANY options for filtering (and adjusting the intensity them when layering multiple filters). The newest feature is the “Fusion” option which allows you to customize and essentially save filter combos you use most often. This app never crashes on me and overall runs very smoothly. Sometimes a picture I upload from the gallery to edit starts out a lot sharper than I’d like (thus I’m not truly working with my original image, just soften out the photo a tad and it’ll look normal again).












Super glad I bought this app! Really fond with the filters and frames and just the tools in general. However, I kind of dislike the fact that it takes quite a long time to apply the filters to the pics. I hope this will be fixed.




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