Argus – Your Personal Tracker

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Argus – Your Personal Tracker

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To find ways to improve your health has never been an easy task.  Here is an app that offers you plenty of ways to track your day to day activities, along with your sleeping hours.  Argus App is an activity tracker app that has the ability to track daily steps, calorie intake, a food diary, GPS mapping of running, cycling and sleep cycle monitoring. If you would like to check how much you are moving in a day, which would in turn help you stay healthy. This app is a life tracker rather than only a fitness tracker.

Argus app just keeps a note of what you ate, based on the manually selecting the food group to which the food belong to. It does not tell  about how many calories you burn after completing each type of activity, though it keeps a track of your daily activities. Hence this app helps you keep organized but you will have to look for some other fitness tracker for serving your tailored fitness needs. Argus user says so” “I think Argus is a pretty cool tracking app if you aren’t already invested in some other app or tracker device to quantify your fitness. For $4 you can get Argus and the heart rate app and have a really great platform to get started. For those who are more serious about their personal data, there are better choices out there. Personally I’m going to stick with Fit Bit and Run Keeper. Fit Bit tracks my activity without having to be told anything. Run Keeper has been my staple app for tracking my runs for over a year now, and I’m not likely to switch any time soon. Between the two of those, there is really little else I need. I’m going to keep tinkering with Argus for a while though, and see if it grows on me.”

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How does this Argus app work?

When you open the app, you will be prompted to add some additional information and the design is such that the UI will move around while you add new information. The food you eat is fed into the app in the form of photos and each of your moves is counted. By the end of the day you will see summary of your activity like hours of sleep, cups of water intake, number of steps etc. You can also find a graphical representation of the trends over the last weeks or months. One of the Argus users says “I use Argus now it seems to have the best cross-app usability. I found in the settings for both apps there is a section to put your height. I counted it one time after about 100 steps it was spot on. I have Argus always counting using the low power mode with the M7 chip and I don’t see a difference in the battery life. It counts well for long shifts at work when I get over 14,000 steps.”

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This does essentially what other apps like Fitbit and Nike do, but without the aggravation of wearing our carrying around a gadget. I lost two Fitbits–they just disappeared from where they were clipped. Argus is always right on my phone, which is with me most of the time. For me, it’s a much better solution.

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Argus makes it possible to reach health goals thanks to its many features and impressive honeycomb interface.

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