As Khrystle states ” I learned that she struggled with anxiety. Turns out that her health and fitness regimen helped her through this. “I have been dealing with anxiety for years and I see a direct correlation with diet and anxiety in particular. Foods high in sugar increase my anxiety. Gluten puts me on an emotional rollercoaster resulting in the moodiest of moods. Foods that make my heart race tend to make me feel like I am experiencing anxiety, but it is really just the feeling from eating food. Diet makes all the difference with anxiety. There are also foods that calm me down. Chamomile tea has been my savior. I am the person who starts the morning off with Chamomile tea to calm my nerves. I also find that I need protein to help my blood sugars remain even. When it comes to fitness, it is the BEST stress reliever. Working out releases endorphins and is a mood booster. Anytime I have had a rough day, the gym helps me let out my excess energy. Working out consistently is the secret to overcoming those feelings of depression or anxiety. It takes more than just going to the gym when I have reached that point where I need to let go of my excess energy. Going everyday helps keep the buildup from happening. Also, I feel stronger and more confident. Diet and fitness are so crucial when it comes to overcoming anxiety,” Khrystle shares. See her whole story on the blog • • • • #exercise #abs #muscle #cardio #fitnessaddict #strong #gymlife #fitnessmodel #instafit #getfit #fitnessmotivation #shredded #crossfit #train #fitgirl #gains #weightloss #aesthetics #fitlife #girlswholift #fitspiration #body #muscles #physique #active #determination #nopainnogain #nutrition #gymtime #beastmode

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