AU Mobile App – Photo goods

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AU Mobile App –  Photo goods


Artifact Uprising (AU) mobile app is designed to create tangible soft cover and hard cover picture books with the photos that are taken from the app user’s Smartphone. This is app is excellently designed and unique in the crowded photo app category. This AU is a delightfully smart innovation in the world of photography, which offers different option for printing photo books. Take a look at this video link which will help you to get to know how everything goes with AU mobile.

Introducing AU Mobile: Artifact Uprising for iPhone from Artifact Uprising

I got my first photo book using this AU mobile app and it really is amazing!! It is actually the way a photographer would expect, that includes good service with unique, lovely photo book with great packaging. If you wish to have a little tangible photo book of your memories then here is a just brief on AU mobile. All you have to do is to just download the AU mobile app on your mobile. Now you have to choose from the products available on AU mobile and decide from where you want to pull the photos it might be either Instagram or from your device. Let’s hear what the AU mobile app user has got to say” The background itself is reminiscent of a photo studio. It guides you step by step on your options to create photo projects from images you may have from your camera feed, from Instagram or a mixture of both. Users can easily tap onto the bottom sleeve from the main menu to find out more about the service, get help with questions you may have or contact the company directly.” Next, you will have to select the cover photo that is the hard part in the entire process. Hey, do you know this is perfectly customizable.

You can change the layout of the cover with multiple design tools, you may choose around 30 – 100 photos of your choice from your account. But here again, one thing is that you will have to place the photos in order, because AU does not do it for you. An app user, “I recommend any and all that have Instagram to use this app for prints. It’s impossible to get Instagram photos formatted properly for prints and these have a wonderfully unique vintage style and shape on them all. The app is very easy to use and isn’t complicated. You can even make adjustments to photos in order to fit the print frame better.” So let us come back to the focus on how to use AU mobile, once you have gathered the photos and arranged in the particular order, then edit them individually. As you finish this, the app lets you to review the final product just as preview before hitting print option. After the verification, you can place the order and check the order status and the tracking number from the app. Hey! You got to wait for some time, then you would receive a little package via mail, yeah that is your photo book of memories. Awesome, right!!

Give it a try on this app.

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armbandphone3LOVE this! We always use our cell phones to take photos one more on family vacations. This app is so easy to use and upload the photos instantly and have a photo book of a vacation or special occasion sent to you within days. No more having to worry about losing the memories you made. I always worried about losing my phone or dropping it in water and losing all of the precious photos that have been taken on it this app has taken that worry away. I usually can have a photo book made by the time we get home from our vacation. The photo books are high quality and the price is extremely reasonable. Love it!












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