Boot Camp Challenge

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Boot Camp Challenge


Boot Camp Challenge is an app that suits a first time exerciser or an extreme fitness buff, who looks for a challenge. The Boot Camp Challenge has the right program for you. A Veteran US Army Trainer and Personal trainer will guide you through an 18 – day program, which will help you reach results soon!

There are 3 different programs – for beginners, intermediate and advanced exercisers. There are around 200 unique exercises which have video tutorials for helping you to understand the workout perfectly.

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This app is completely interactive and you can choose to increase or decrease the intensity of the program. You can see it responding. When compared to the other trainers, the term boot camp challenge is well taken up by the trainer Lori. Since Lori trained soldiers, the boot camp challenge program ensures safe and efficient workouts. For every step of the workout, Lori gives you tips to perform well and motivate you to keep going beyond hurdles.

So you have 200 exercises with a video to let you know the ideal form to be taken, which is really been a very useful because you can watch the video to avoid mistakes and injuries from using the wrong positions. Additionally, there are time limits specified for each program, so the you are aware how much time to spend on each.


Another feature I like is the ability to upload my music from iPod while I workout. The music will change beats based on the pattern of exercise. Say for example, for a jogging the music will switch from slow beat to faster paced songs to keep me moving. There is a research that shows that the human brain gets distracted during exercise hearing music and the faster music cause the people to accept hard efforts to a great extent. Being an online product, the app has the ability to share the success with your friends through Facebook.

The boot camp challenge program is a combination of cardio, stretching, and muscular stamina training program, which helps you to lose fat by improving the strength and endurance.

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armbandphone3I was at an expensive boot camp gym ($140 per month for 3x per week) for 2 months. This app is way better because I was able to load my favorite songs and the app calculates the beats per minute and changes the music as needed. The demonstrations are great. The variety is awesome. I wish it had a countdown timer for each move but not a big deal. I wish it could ignore me when I hit pause! I currently have it set for beginner and I’m sure there is much more intensity awaiting me. I haven’t figured out how to get it to sync with myfitness pal yet though. Your supposed to be able to add the workout to it automatically somehow. I also think that this could be good for apartment dwellers as there’s not a whole lot of jumping and bouncing. Allot of floor work and yoga type moves. Worth the money to be able to hop out if bed, do this exercise routine and have your own tunes. Would highly recommend .














I love these workouts. So much variety & a definite challenge. However if you decide you like the day’s workout and leave the app for some reason you will likely come back to a different workout. The reason I gave it 4 stars is the music randomizer/player needs major help. It plays the same songs over and over (with 500 songs to choose from) and will sometimes change songs back to one already played. About to turn off the beat sync and maybe that will help. Very frustrating to have to stop my workout to change music (which often will only let me fast forward or rewind to one of two songs in my playlist).



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