Breeze – Be Active Every Day

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Breeze – Be Active Every Day

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A new addition to our favorite fitness apps is the Breeze app, which encourages the users to be active every day.  Excellent athlete?  Good athlete?  Okay athlete?  Not an athlete at all?  Doesn’t matter!  The Breeze app is by and large a step counter with a slicker interface. Breeze is simple, that measures the steps you have taken in a day and your data are presented in a clean report with an approachable user interface.

Having not targeted at athletes or other fitness buffs is one key point that makes Breeze app stand apart from other fitness apps. You can find a whole bunch of people who want to be active but don’t know how without stepping in to gym and having hard workouts; the Breeze app actually targeted such people helping them to be active in the daily life with simple steps they take.

Just don’t think that Breeze is just a tracking app that only tracks you walking history but also it tells you where you went while on your long walks. Have a look a Breeze app user “The app keeps track of exactly what I need it to keep track of the physical activity. And it encouraged me to be more active than I typically am I.” And also you will have to remember to open the app regularly to see the progress. When compared to other apps, Breeze have an option to send you notification the entire day for praising you for taking a long walks and also reminds you in case you are far from the set goal. But this feature might sometimes be annoying for taking a look through the old stats.

Breeze iPhone 5’s M7 processor, among which is the Breeze app from the hand of Runkeeper. All you have to do is to open the app, and then it will automatically work out what you need to for keeping yourself active, with some kind of regular notification. Interesting right? So you will now be curious to know how this notification would appear. Look at the image below, this is how you will receive ping from the app.

How Breeze App Works?

People think just going to gym or jog are only ways to keep active, but you know what even small decisions to walk during your day can add up to real action throughout. The breeze app runs in the background and it automatically tracks the movement. So you are free from handling the app, like you don’t have to switch on or off the apps. The main feature is the auto step tracking and the goal setting that will help you motivate yourself to reach goal. There are timely messages displayed to help you take decisions to hit to reach goals. You will be wondering how much will the battery usage will be? The breeze app uses the built in motion chip hence the battery drain is maximum controlled.

So how you start the app, it is just to launch the app and sign in, then automatically calculates a step goal that is based on your activity from the previous seven days, where the records exists on the chip. Beyond just to attain step goal, the app makes you smarter with contextual messages at different times which is based on your patterns.

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armbandphone3 This is the only exercise app I can say I’ve truly liked. They’ve captured lightning in a bottle with this app. The goals are intelligent in some way; it’s not like “Derp, yesterday plus one step.” I am pretty sure Saturday’s was way higher than any weekday, and Sunday’s is somewhere in between. If I had to guess, I’d say that they’re watching how I live my life and challenge me in some intelligent way (eg I tend to walk more on Saturdays so maybe it adds 1000 steps sometimes. Install this app, let it post notifications and try it out for a few weeks.

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It keeps me going! I tried other apps that would monitor my walking throughout the day, but none compares to Breeze. I really love it! It’s like a really happy friend that keeps you going and cheers you while you’re on the road. I walk three times as much as before, because this app really encourages me to get moving! I have it on all the time and my battery hardly seems to notice. It’s light, sends me reminders only when I want to get them and it has a beautiful design. It’s definitely one of my most used apps. Love it!

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