FitBoard – Fitness Monitor

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FitBoard – Fitness Monitor


Fitboard is a software application which helps to store all of the routine workouts in shareable, mobile and trackable way. You can use it to keep track of your daily workouts and diet plans. Fitboard App is potentially a health seeker’s best friend. You simply create a profile of your own, which is essentially filling out a few in depth questions about your daily activity and the overall health. If you want to get into great shape, and then fitboard is one application that helps you create  strategies based on your needs then regularly measures the improvements.

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Main Features

FitBoard has a workout and diet sharing element which allows you to share your workout schedule with members who may include non – registered members. You can archive the workout routine in publicly or privately kept folders.  Some people will really enjoy the social feature in this app and  you can use it to keep you motivated. Anything you have well planned is more likely to get  done, making that work; the FitBoard app has a planner feature. Using this planner you can schedule the workout or diet for the coming days or weeks which come along with the reminder. There is a Tracker which keeps a log of all the inputs fed that ranges from your mood to the foods in taken and the activities performed. The fitboard app comes along with analytics tool, which will analyze the tracked reports and generates the graph and stats.

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armbandphone3I only found a few little quirks and was overall very satisfied. My default language kept switching to Italian every time I logged in. I found this entertaining but unfortunately I don’t speak Italian! I admired the thought and detail they put into making sure each person answers as many questions as possible so they can meet their goals. However, I didn’t enjoy having to give so many details on my location and what fitness center I attend.

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You can build your workout routine or diet plan in a jiffy moving items (exercises, foods or supplements) through drag&drop and archive them publicly or privately.

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