Fjuul – Fitness Tracker

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Fjuul – Fitness Tracker


Fjuul is a beautiful and enjoyable activity tracker from a Finish development firm focusing on software development specifically on mobile health and wellness. The Fjuul app uses simple metric called Fjuul points; to let us know how is our daily activities undertaken. This app does far more than just a calorie counter or steps to reduce calorie intake.  Fjuul is for the modern, sophisticate that wants to get all the distracters and clutter out of the way and off the screen.  This is for the person that wants to focus on improving fitness, health, and performance while doing on a wonderfully beautiful UI.

See the Fjuul Fitness Tracker App in action – your easier way to an active day! from Fjuul.

The Fjuul (pronounced as Fuel) – is an iPhone fitness tracker app. This is a health related app that lets you know the full body activity on a day. The app uses the iPhone sensors and gathers the information about what you are doing and how long do you exercise in a day. To become fit and to continue to stay fit requires much efforts and time. It demands you to follow a decent diet, fitness course so that the body gets the best desirable shape. Using Fjuul app helps you to get more out of the workouts that you do. With the help of this app you can understand better about what are you doing now, how can you push your body to do more and get the goals achieved.


How does this Fjuul app work?

Fjuul app does not require additional hardware to distinguish and track your movements. On the contrary, it uses the sensors that are in iPhone. Additionally uses the accelerometer and contextual location data, that does not grab much of the mobile battery; hence the app does not affect the phone battery life. The app studies the intensity of the body movement and shows your Fjuul points.

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armbandphone3Excellent! Finaly an activity app that is easy and can be always on. Fun an motivating! Great work.

Timojussi @apptweak







Easy and simple! lets me track my day in a simple and easy way. like it!

Razorrr78 @apptweak


armbandphone3Splendid way to keep me moving! Excellent way to keep one motivated to move.

TimppaS @apptweak







Fjuul! After using Fjuul since four weeks now, I can confirm that the concept works extremely well. It is very user friendly, while not requiring any extra belts or gadgets, no downloads to pc or not even remembering to push any buttons to start. It’s enough just to take the phone with me! The graphics are nice, user interface simple enough.

Jatlaine @apptweak


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