Football as Football: Hybrid American and European Football Logo Design Experiment Scores A Draw

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When you hear the word football, do you think:

European soccer ball



If the answer is yes, you’ll appreciate Football as Football, a playful hybrid American and European football logo design experiment hatched by six Minnesota-based design lovers with an equal fanaticism for the game (whether you’re talking American or European persuasion).

Football as Football’s designers have merged German, Italian, English and Spanish European soccer badges with 32 NFL football logos to create a completely new set of mash-ups. Their goal? To release four sets of 32 designs over the course of the American football season (each of the 32 NFL teams will try on all four Euro badge styles when the project is through).

Test your true pride in teams on either side of the Atlantic by correctly identifying which euro badge and team are cleverly represented here: (click on the right arrow to see the other two slides)

  • Tampa_Bay
  • San_Francisco
  • Arizona

Judging by the project’s healthy Facebook response, the Football as Football team can consider their design matchup a score: there is an appetite out there for combining a die-hard love of footie and full-contact, with plenty of fans clamoring for T-shirts and bumper stickers. For the moment, the mix-and-match badge-style logos are available through Football as Football’s website to download and share — choose a background and you’re good to go.

Always wondered what kind of uber-athlete you could create if you crossed Manchester-era David Beckham with Pittsburgh’s Terry Bradshaw circa the early eighties? Frankly, it may just strain the bounds of sports stardom. But the Beckshaw uber-player’s jersey might just look a little something like this:



*Images sourced from Football as Football

Now see if you earned your elite cheerleader status with the quiz above. The three badges are: Tampa Bay goes Italian, San Francisco meets Germany and Arizona visits the Spanish pitch.

Which European/American teams are you dying to see together? Let us know in the comments, and check out the ever-expanding Football as Football lineup here. Tune in soon for more cool ideas and fresh fodder.


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