High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

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High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High intensity interval training (HIIT)

What’s The Deal With High Intensity Interval Training?

High Intensity Interval training (HIIT) is a cardio training regimen, which is differentiated by its recurring workouts for short intervals. It includes high intensity training provided with varying recovery times. As you know exercising regularly (not just when you can’t buckle your pants and have to lay back on the bed and shake your legs and writhe around to get your pants on) is considered to be the key factor for staying fit and healthy; HIIT utilizes some intensive exercises with intervals of low intensity exercise.


Initially HIIT was considered to be more associated with athletic training to achieve and maintain peak performance. Now,  HIIT is gaining popularity with people looking to shed their body fat, gain greater physical fitness, and maintain a healthy, fit lifestyle.



No doubt about it, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sure packs a punch.



It’s the cardio training regimen equivalent of Ali or Tyson high fiving your fitness levels.

tyson knockout



What makes it so special?


The short sharp shock treatment!


HIIT gives you intense workouts divided by short breaks.


Nothing keeps your metabolism up on its toes like a punch-rest-punch-rest exercise regime!


Most HIIT workouts last 5-8 minutes, so even if your schedule is up there with Obama, fitting in a routine is a cinch.


You can tailor your workout to suit your needs, factoring in targets and what you think your body can handle safely.


Then it’s time to hit that max heart rate high.



HIIT has plenty of strings to its bow.


Take your pick from cycling, swimming, elliptical cross training etc, then throw some other stuff into the mix.


You’re guaranteed to burn maximum calories in a very short burst of time!


The deal is, go FAST for a while, like you’re burning out, then STOP, slow down — and go again.


It’s a surefire shock to all that excess body fat!


No wonder people are calling it the FAT BLASTING workout!


Why not try this cool HIIT list some time soon?




HIIT takes various forms like cycling, swimming, elliptical cross training etc. High Intensity Interval Training burns maximum calories but in a short period of intensive workouts. Shortly, HIIT could be described as a method of exercise where high intensive exercise performed with short intervals. To be more clear, a HIIT workout, may involve 30 seconds of sprinting, continued by walking for about 60 seconds. Though it sounds to be very simple in terms, there are proven benefits. This is sometime referred to as fat blasting workouts.


Is HIIT For Me?


Okay, so who’s up for the HIIT way to fitness?


Fitness experts are agreed that HIIT rocks for both beginners and seasoned gym goers.


The key essential is a good base level of fitness.


You don’t need any particular space in order to work out, which makes the park, the gym, the office and the garden perfect places to start out (unless you’re swimming!).


5-8 minutes gets you started, but you can build to around 20 when you’re ready.


The trick at the beginning is not to ease off into a rhythm like you were working out normally, then skip on the 15-60 second breaks!


Remember: this is PUNCH! REST! PUNCH! REST!

(NOT literally punching; I’m sure you’ve figured that out by now but short bursts of high intensity exercises like a quick powerful punch to your fitness routine.)


This is HIIT!

Your Killer Fitness Thought For The Day


HIIT pioneer Phil Campbell, who is the author of the book “Ready, Set, Go”, claims that a 20 minute HIIT workout can increase Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels by771 percent.


Better still, this effect can persist up to two hours after the HIIT workout.


That’s some big fitness HIIT!


Way to go, Phil.


Phil Campbell, who is initiated this HIIT, who is the author of the book – Ready, Set, Go – exhibit that a shortest span of 20 minute HIIT workout would increase Human growth hormone (HGH) level to 771 percent that will last even after two hours from the HIIT workouts.



Take A Look At Tabata

One of the most popular forms of HIIT is Tabata.


Introduced by Dr. Izumi Tabata and his team of researchers from Japan, it’s a Workout Anywhere form of HIIT people think is GREEEAAAT!


These high energy, high fun workouts are said to improve maximal oxygen consumption (VO2) in ways that put standard anaerobic exercise in the shade.


Like all HIIT regimens, Tabata helps you shed the extra pounds and build lean muscles.


Most Tabata workouts last 4 minutes which makes them attractive to a whole bunch of people.


They’re intense, but when you know you’ll reach your goal soon enough, it motivates you to carry on through the intenser moments!


Think of the chili burn cooled and calmed by a refreshing drink.


Just 4 minutes will see you on your way to fitness, and 4 more will move you on further still.


Tabata is a great way to introduce yourself to the benefits of HIIT.


Take a look at the fun!


Tabata workouts is said to improve VO2 maximum around 14% while it is only 28% for the anaerobic exercises. HIIT workouts not only help you to shed out the extra pounds but also build lean muscles. The reason for the Tabata getting popular is that their workout lasts for just four minutes but very intensive workout program. This Tabata – HIIT is attractive among the people as it demands less time but offers maximum benefit. Tabata High Intensity Interval Training is sure to bring you benefits as they are performed at high intensity which makes the heart beat faster and your metabolism also jumps to the maximum. The Tabata – HIIT involves various types of workouts like planks, pushups, mountain climbers etc.


Key benefits of HIIT


* HIIT increases metabolism. The intensity drives the oxygen uptake, pure and simple.

* Burns off body fat. Exercise whups fat and carbohydrates, and high intensity exercise whups to the max.

* According to the European Society of Cardiology, HIIT is great for anti-aging.

* HIIT makes for a healthier heart and helps you stay fit. However else you’re exercising, HIIT will make you more efficient.

* Helps you lose weight with no reduction in muscle mass. Combined with a knockout diet, HIIT helps you clear out your body’s fat reserves to reveal beautifully toned muscles.



Time Your Workout

Tabata works in 4 minute busts and Phil Campbell has pointed up the benefits of going for the full 20, but the truth is that there are no specific limits.


Just pick something to suit — and go.


Still looking for a rule of thumb?


Okay, then 5-8 minutes is the best one-size-fits-all solution, with 10-12 minutes running a close second.


What you mustn’t forget is that this stuff is intense!


So pace yourself accordingly.



Intense! Intense! Intense!

There’s no dilution when it comes to HIIT.


But intense doesn’t have to mean only certain people can play.


Research shows that HIIT has advantages over regular monotonous exercise.


Turns out HIIT is one of the safest forms of exercise to take when recovering from chronic disorders.


Replacing monotonous movements with sequential repetitions of basic moves is a real winner here.


And if you’re fully fit and healthy this kind of regimen is a great way to build up and up.


So, intense is no bad thing!

Duration for HIIT workouts

Truly speaking, there is no specific time limit for the HIIT workouts. Studies shows that even a shortest 3 – minute workouts brings good amount of results. Generally the workouts must be longer or shorter depending on the goal. Here we should remember one point; the HIIT involves high intensive workouts for the body, where it is absolutely intense, though it is performed for a short period of time. This point ultimately differentiates the HIIT from the traditional cardio workouts. In HIIT you will notice effective results for workouts done for a small amount of time. HIIT Experts say that HIIT workouts can exist to the maximum of 20 minutes, but even 10 – 12 minutes is enough if the course is correctly structured.


Sample HIIT workout plan

HIIT Post 3

Reasons for the workouts to be intensive

People think many times that due to health problems their body will not fit to vigorous exercises. Also, may people may come to the conclusion that it is unsafe for their body to pick up exercises. Alternatively, there are many studies coming out that proves HIIT benefits are unlimited. Such studies unfold the fact that HIIT is the safest form of exercise that helps to recover from chronic disorders. Experts is of the opinion replacing monotonous movements of typical exercise like cycling, walking etc with easy activity of sequential repeated workouts along with comparable recovery period is sure to bring remarkable changes within you. HIIT is tailored based on the individual’s ability to perform intensive workouts. The researchers found with just two weeks of HIIT, the efficiency of the bodyto utilize the oxygen improves amazingly.


Scientific truth behind HIIT workouts

Give your body two weeks of HIIT and your oxygen processing capabilities will benefit.


That’s just one thing we know thanks to clinical research into HIIT.


Want more?


Take a look at this research paper.




HIIT has proved beneficial in reducing the risk of stroke and helps minimise the risk of cardiovascular mortality.


The trademark HIIT combination of high intensity and low intensity interval workouts makes for substantial fat loss — http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2991639/ — and good news for muscle metabolism – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8028502.


So are you ready to make with the intense?


The science has your back, and your motivation is ready to drive you on toward a super-efficient new YOU.

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