James Dyson

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James Dyson

It is said that the greatest successes are often preceded by a long and difficult journey marred by failures. But, in the case of James Dyson, the wait for true success was stretched out only to achieve perfection – 5172 prototypes of the G-Force bagless vaccum cleaner, to put it into numbers!

All he said was, “I just want things to work properly.”

With a simple motto, James Dyson has become one of the most famous innovators of the modern era. Pioneering product design and development, he has now set up one of the most successful product design companies in the world that is propelled by his creative and visionary approach to innovation. The accomplishments of James Dyson are many, and widely acknowledged as the stuff of legend around the world!


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Do you know what sparked this tsunami of success? A simple problem of a high-end vacuum cleaner’s loss of suction and clogging! Dyson was perplexed by this when vacuuming his house, and decided to fix this problem. And voila! The cute pink G-Force was born with a one-of-its-kind bagless mechanism. It went on to become the best-selling vacuum cleaner in the UK.

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But, the story doesn’t end here…Dyson continued his innovation and tasted success after success with products like the Dyson DC14, Dyson DC23, Dyson Animal, Dyson Digital Slim, and many more. And, If you thought his creative genius was just limited to solving vacuuming problems, wait till you hear the facts about James Dyson’s amazing journey of innovation. His Sea Truck is a high-speed watercraft that sported a flat hull to land without a harbor or a jetty. The invention of the Ballbarow, the Trolleyball, and the amazing Wheelboat – a craft capable of operating on land and sea are also to his credit. His latest invention is an air multiplier (a fan, basically) with no wings!

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James Dyson’s story is not just about success; he also believes in giving back to the world. He has started the James Dyson Foundation that helps young minds in design and engineering education. The James Dyson Award is an annual recognition of the brightest minds from around the globe, engaged in creative problem solving.

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Quite rightfully with Sir James Dyson, knighthood was conferred upon him by Queen Elizabeth II in 2006 to appoint him a Knight Bachelor. We, at The Wonder Things Factory, bow humbly to this creative genius. Hear him talk about design and a whole lot more in this interview.


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