Learning to code no longer scary

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Learning to code no longer scary

If you think coding is just for geeks, think again. Because a steady mushrooming of online tutorials now makes sure anyone can learn the art of coding. And quite conveniently too, for through these online tutorials you can now learn to code at home. Inviting as the concept may sound, there’s something more momentous here – the fact that it’ll drive away your fear of treading the seemingly scary territory of coding. For when they tell you it’s easy to learn, starting with the basics of programming, that itself brings down the first barrier.

Coding Tutorial Session

Coding Tutorial Session (Photo Credit - newsleader.com)


Photo Credit – newsleader.com

Most people believe that coding is a skill that takes months to learn. While it isn’t far from the truth, there are online programming tutorials for beginners that can kick-start your pent-up desire to become a programmer. And although it’s really a ‘one step at a time’ approach, it still beats the hell out of not touching the subject with even as much as a bargepole. The Hour of Code app is a revolutionary campaign in this regard, which teaches a newbie the basics of coding in an hour. A learning initiative introduced by Code.org and CSEdWeek, this app is designed for the iOS platform version 7.0 or later and runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. According to figures, this simple 5.0 MB app has been used by over 27 million people to learn coding, which is huge and shows how successful the initiative has been.

ImagesHour of Code Code.org,Hour of Code CSEdWeek

  • Hour of Code Code.org (Photo Credit - ansys-blog.com)
  • Hour of Code CSEdWeek (Photo Credit - csmonitor.com)

Photo Credit – ansys-blog.com,csmonitor.com

Codeacademy, one of the most popular online tutorials for coding, is a curriculum provider for the Hour of Code program. Offering simple hands-on courses to learn the basics of languages like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python and Ruby, Codeacademy has a comprehensive courseware to choose from. No classrooms, no teachers, it’s just you and an introductory course on programming through an amazingly simple interface.

Images: Codeacademy

  • Codeacademy (Photo Credit - brianmahoney.ca)
  • Codeacademy (Photo Credit - amazonaws.com)

Photo Credit – brianmahoney.ca, amazonaws.com 

A string of online tutorial websites has sprung up steadily on the lines of Codeacademy. Sites like Codeschool, Treehouse and Udacity offer foundation courses on programming in highly interactive modules that could make you consider a fulltime career in it. And if you’re still a little apprehensive about the whole thing, listen to Codeacademy’s Linda Liukas spell it out for you in this video where she clearly says “Code is everyone’s business”.

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