Lumify Video Editor

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Lumify Video Editor


Lumify Video Editor App is an easy to use app that is the best fit for beginners in shooting videos. There are ample features available to allow users to mix and match videos, include music from the music collections, with the ability to add in voice overs, filters and some environmental effects to make the video a masterpiece.

The Lumify is a free app that lets you to generate and edit the videos taken by yourself. The editing tools help you make a professional quality video that can be shared on social networks, used on the web, or used to wow whomeever! It is absolutely easy, quick, and great app. All your videos can be previewed and you can add cool effects to it as well.

Having a festive season or birthday party, now editing the video is easier than ever. Lumify does almost all the hard work! Many times people shoot videos and share with friends but you would agree that the unedited videos can result in boredom. Moreover, only a few of us have enough time to edit our own videos and transform them into excellent packages which can then be shared with mates through Facebook, YouTube etc. At this juncture, Lumify video editor app takes up to play the editing role. This app is designed evade the difficulties in video editing, making extremely quick interesting videos.

Let me walk through some of the powerful editing features of Lumify app. There are high definition editing tools that helps to make professional videos. There are 20 + real time HD filters and special effect tools to make your videos look very special. Lumify app lets you insert as many songs that you wish to add in the video. All the sync work is taken care by the app. You can record voice overs that can be synced to the final output. Sound effects can be added apart from the original audio in the video. There are brilliant features to zoom and crop your videos. This is a truly unique video editing app that helps to make amazing and interesting videos! With Lumify app, you can tell a simple and short story with just a series of shots.

Moving to how Lumify app actually works, on the start up the app just asks for you to choose the videos that you want to edit or you can shoot footage and then lets you edit it. Next on selection of the video, now you would be asked to select the sound track to be included in the video. The music can be picked from your music library or music that it out there in the app. After few edits that absolutely user friendly, your video is ready for broadcasting. There are some clever algorithms that help the video to work the most interesting way.

The ultimate resultant video is really a great work that can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, etc. It proves worth for what this app is meant for. Lumify app is a charming, quick and easy to use interface. It is going to work well on all the videos that you have got on your phone to make high quality interesting videos!!

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Bit tricky at first while learning how to use it; it becomes easier and is the best for creating videos of your memories!! Great for instagram/facebook whatever video; awesome app!! 🙂 Very pleased

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