LuxBox Case Blog Features

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LuxBox Case Blog Features

theWTFactory LuxBox Case

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“I haven’t taken my case off since I received it and I am obsessed with the minimal feature of this case.  It is light, sleek, minimal, and unique to all the others out there. “

Better Worn Black

“This gorgeous LuxBox for iPhone 6/6S caught my eye initially with the woodgrain detail. It wasn’t until I started using it that I realized the strength and durability of it – very similar to the Otterbox but 10x more stylish!”

To Be Bright

“LuxBox has been able to master all the elements I want in an iPhone case, sleek, modern, aesthetic design, protective. LuxBox has it all. “

All That’s Glittered

“This is a luxury phone case – it looks great, and personally I love the walnut finish on the rear of the case, it just looks so much different to the clip on cases you can pick up for a couple of pounds down on Camden Market and I for one am a very happy bunny. I would probably baulk at paying so much, but actually after dropping my phone twice since installing this (and no damage to either phone or case) I would probably pay double! “

Beauty King

“Not only is it super protective for my smart phone, but it doesn’t have the bulk and ugly look of other cases I’ve tried in the past, which is great for those of us who are cognizant of our accessories. “

Much Most Darling

“The other LuxBox products feature some walnut wood finishes that look really awesome. The case is slim in design and most importantly, it doesn’t completely kill the vibe that my iPhone puts out.”

The Surznick Common Room

“For the first time ever, I’ve personally been using a case that not only accentuates my phones design, but adds a personal, luxurious & modern look to it.”

Gabriel Rafael

Hall of Clothes

The Style Side

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