Map My Fitness – Workout Trainer

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Map My Fitness – Workout Trainer

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There are plenty of fitness tracker apps in the headlines and more than a few gadgets available for measuring your fitness progress. The price of many of them can be quite costly and may not be affordable for all athletes. Here is an app that offers many of the most sought after features; the MapMyFitness app.

Watch out how it works

MapMyFitness app is really a great app for runners who can use this app to keep track of your running goals, track your progress, and sync with others on their devices.  The app uses the GPS technology to calculate the pace of your movement and estimates the calories burned. You are also provided with a real time map of the route you are on so that you won’t get lost.

MapMyFitness app tracks running, walking, cycling and over 600 types of other activities. So once you have connected you will have access to the dashboard that has information about workout stats, calories burned and nutrition data. Here is what a MapMyFitness app user shares his view”Great motivator – I love how it tells you how far you’ve gone and what your time and pace are. It keeps you motivated to go faster or longer and it’s so helpful because you don’t have to guess anymore!”

Interested in knowing the MapMyFitness app features right away –  you have voice prompts that will give you updates on your progress on the go. It tracks everything in the background so you can keep on doing your work, like listening to music, attend the phone calls, free to use any feature on the phone, don’t worry, the app would keep on tracking. Real time Stats help you with the reports during the workouts. You have the route navigation that helps you track where you are moving, so you won’t have to worry about getting lost, even if you are new to that area. You can post the workouts to Facebook or Twitter or keep it private. A regular user of this app says “”Great app for anything outdoors and lot of activities; GPS is easy and works great. I also love being able to see my historical workouts.”

Along with the tracking workouts, you can keep a detailed food log for tracking nutrition and weight loss. You can share the workouts with your friends and develop some healthy competition. The MapMyFitness app will sync with any heart rate monitoring featuring Bluetooth Smart and ANT +technology.

Many of my friends are using exercise recording apps, especially for walking, running and cycling. Out of many apps the MapMyFitness app best served the purpose and proved to be a one-stop shop fitness tracker.

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armbandphone3This is a useful app, especially since it syncs with my fitness pal. There are a few little annoying things though: the heart rate always inserts is zero so you have to press delete before entering anything over 100, The stationary bike and the treadmill don’t seem to be as useful as an active real walk or cycle since they insist on putting distance and rather than perhaps the level of difficulty or relying heart rate to tell you how many calories you burn.










I’ve been using Map My Fitness for about two years. This is a great app to track your activity. I’ve found it to be accurate and even though it uses navigation it doesn’t seem to use an unreasonable amount of battery. I’ve used it on three hour plus rides and still finish with plenty of power. The one ‘miss’ is that, unlike Strava, if you don’t pay you can’t customize routes or create segments. Bummer. If it was less expensive I’d go ahead and be a paying customer. The reason I like Map My better than Strava is the UI is better. Also has seamless connectivity to my fitness pal. Nice.


armbandphone3Although I’ve only used it for one run, this app does the trick. Accurately records (so far as I can tell) my distance and let’s me incorporate my playlist for motivation. The mile announcements are great for keeping pace. Since running iOS8 I’ve tried using the map my run app, it won’t allow background app refresh to be activated. It’s not even listed as a selection in the background app refresh settings. Suffice it to say this is essentially the same app so I guess it’s a moot point. This will be my go to running app from now on.












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