A mind mapping application for a free flow of ideas on the move

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A mind mapping application for a free flow of ideas on the move

Mind Mapping! What is it really? Let’s have it in the words of Tony Buzan himself, the inventor of this incredible tool as he explains how to maximize the power of your mind in this enlightening video.



When the hours are long and ideas fall short

Using a pen and paper can be a drag, especially when we’re so used to tabs, mobiles and laptops. Keeping this in mind, ithoughts has come out with a mind mapping application that kills the need to depend on good ole pen and paper. Even when one would think it highly unlikely without their help to draw a special diagram.

Mind Map

Mind Map (Photo Credit - tonybuzan.com)


Photo Credit – tonybuzan.com

How and where does this work?

This application, christened the iThoughts is available on the iTunes Store for download at a price of $7.99. The mind mapping app for iPhone and iPod Touch will be your constant aid in planning, organizing meetings, making presentations, brainstorming, etc…on the go. So no matter where you are, you’ve got some kickass problem solver in your hand.

iThoughts for iPhone

iThoughts for iPhone (Photo Credit - ithoughts.co.uk)


Photo Credit – ithoughts.co.uk

Only iPhones you say?

Fret not, Android and iPad users. Don’t they say “the more the merrier?” Seems pretty much the case here for there isn’t just one mind mapping app available for Android. Mindjet was the first one to be developed for Android and is available for free. Watch this video on task management to know more about the specialty of this app: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNQVKv8wMcU]

Mindjet for Android

Mindjet for Android (Photo Credit - techrepublic.com)

Photo Credit – techrepublic.com 

SimpleMind came out soon after promising to turn your android device into a brainstorming and idea collection machine. Of course there were several after that, including Mindomo and Mindmeister.

SimpleMind for Android Devices

SimpleMind for Android Devices (Photo Credit - simpleapps.eu)

Photo Credit – simpleapps.eu

And then some more!

And then it was the turn of mind mapping apps for Mac and iPad. After all, Apple couldn’t have simply rested easy on its flagship product, could it? So out came the iThoughts HD for iPad and iThoughts X for Mac. The iThoughts X is available for free for 14 days and can be bought subsequently for $59.99 while the iPad version is available for $9.99.

My Thoughts for Mac,iThoughts HD for iPad  

  • My Thoughts for Mac (Photo Credit - mashable.com)
  • iThoughts HD for iPad (Photo Credit - ithoughts.co.uk)

Photo Credit – ithoughts.co.uk,mashable.com 

Of course there are mind mapping apps for Windows too, including the cross-platform Mindjet for both Windows and Mac.

Mindjet for Windows and Mac

Mindjet for Windows and Mac (Photo Credit - mashable.com)

Photo Credit – mashable.com

So, which one will you be picking?

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