Moldiv – Collage Photo Editor

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Moldiv – Collage Photo Editor


Moldiv is an all in one photo editor that helps to create a creative collage photos which can be shared on social networks and used to elevate the design profile of websites. The Moldiv app includes an almost complete professional photo editing toolkit. The highlight of the app is that it lets you combine and edit multiple photos in a single collage with fantastic photo effects, stamps, and creative frames with all advanced photo options. There are magazine options that are creative and fun to play with and frankly could be used to create an online magazine on it’s own.

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Let’s see what the Moldiv app user has to say “Moldiv offers much more than that, and there is the opportunity to make some really creative collages and magazine pages. It’s fun to play with all the features. Upgrading to get all the goodies doesn’t break the bank either; you get a lot for what you pay for, should you choose to get in-app purchases. “

The Moldiv app enables the users to make quick or timely photo collages that can be shared with friends. The users make collages by using the camera in the Smartphone. This app lets the users to make a very quick photo collages that can be socially shared based on the scrapbook. The pictures can also be pulled from the already existing photo albums from their phones. Really, this is an interesting app, that allows complete customization of the collages by making due designs on background, stamps etc.


Moldiv app was developed specifically for the photo enthusiasts and photography hobbyists. The one identified drawback is that it can support only 9 photos in a single frame, some would like to see more photos in the upgrade of this app, but perhaps this is a paternalistic type app development to keep users with a simple refined style (or maybe just to protect the app from crashing). One of the user shares his thoughts like this “thought this was an amazing app to edit pictures!! I think this is way better than taking regular pictures and to be honest that gets pretty boring!! I think that many people can use this for putting different pictures together into on giant picture!”

Let me say to you about the features of Moldiv app. The frame and the collage options that are available are really awesome. There are nearly 80 basic frames and 100 more made available for the premium frames. The collages can be edited just like a magazine or a poster. You have 250 + fonts, 99 patterns and ample of stamps. The app lets you to photo share to other social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Line etc. For every single photo, you have multiple photo effects, stamps, creative frame designs. Frankly speaking while testing Moldiv app, by its features and numerous advanced options it is considered as an app that has complete professional photo editing tools. You have great decorative features like text captions and many other editing tools. There is actually a lot to discover here and have fun…

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armbandphone3It’s pretty awesome.







Very easy to use. Fun! Makes posting and viewing pictures in Facebook interesting.


armbandphone3Have several collage apps. This is the best BY FAR! Terrific job guys! Thanks








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  1. Rudy Fiorillo
    June 5, 2016

    Every time I Rey to in insert text, Moldiv crashes. I have the latest iOS. I have also tried deleting the app and re-downloading it. Any suggestions? Anyone else having problems. From what I have read, there are several folks experiencing the same problem.

    • theWTFactory
      June 9, 2016

      I love Moldiv but i haven’t had any issues with it crashing


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