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Now-a-days, online shopping is not only popular but extremely crowded! So many retailers are selling the same thing so I’m excited when I find something that’s fresh, new, and is curated with products and brands that are new and beautiful. Monoqi is one of these online finds that will get you excited when you first find it and each and every time their email hits the inbox!

Have a look at this video:

Monoqi is an online shopping platform wherein the designers could present their wares and products, at the same time, buyers can buy those products for reasonable prices. Before the goods are displayed on the web store, the products are handpicked and verified for quality by the design scouts. It actually could be that Monoqi is an online destination for the modern lover that’s seeking “off the beaten path” brands and products.


Monoqi offers the hand-picked, hard to find, high design products and furnishings that are exclusive or very limited editions that can be bought through the Monoqi, within a stipulated period of time. Monoqi actually works with a team of some qualified international design scouts who would perform the task of choosing designers and manufacturers who create high quality products.

When you check it out you will see that the products that are displayed are really new designs that stand out from the other products on the market. Products which seamlessly integrate into our daily life while enhancing your visual experience. With the Monoqi you can register free and then enjoy the unique design at exclusive prices. If you are not satisfied with the ordered product then you can be return within a 14 – day return period.

Monoqi is not only the place for the brand new products but also it provides minimum used products that are eagerly looked by the bargain hunters. Even these products do satisfy the high quality character also available at cheaper prices.

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armbandphone3Easy shopping and payment via paypal worked great.







A great app for shopping of furnishings, in addition, also the lowest prices. Thumbs up!




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