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Moves – Activity Diary m

Moves is one of the more popular apps in SlimClip Case Community  which helps us keep track of the amount of exercise we get.  It gives an accurate comparable from day to day and person to person if you want to compare to your friends;  all you have to do is to turn on the app called Moves. Move tracks basically any physical activity – walking, traveling etc, of the user and records a journal on a daily basis.

This Moves app is an automatic diary of your life and which lets you detailing report about how, when, where you move. The Moves app is always on so all you need to do is just to take your phone in your SlimClip Case. The app consumes battery power so you will need to charge up during the night for sure. The optional battery saving mode in this Moves app for an iPhone will save up to 40% of the battery. You have a calorie counter which helps to calculate the calories burned for the activities performed. M2

How does this Moves app work?

The app automatically documents activities that we normally you do in your routine. Moves app tracks intelligently all the moves that you – walking, running, cycling, taking a transport and at the end of the day you have a summary at your end. One big thing that I really like is that it is an entirely automatic app, which does not require setup, preparation or account sign up, all that is demanded from you is just switch on the app.

SlimClip Case by theWTFactory is the perfect companion for Moves App!

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armbandphone3I must say, the Moves team have done a fantastic job with the design showing only the things you need to know (details that matter!), without any extra clutter of information right in your face. The UI is clean, simple and intuitive. And as I said, you don’t need to buy any gadgets for this app to work. So, when you can get things done free, then why pay? With Moves, I love being able to forget about the app until when I finish my day and I get a summary of what I have been upto the whole day. It shows me my whereabouts for the whole day – what places I visited and what was the mode of my commute, all beautifully laid out in a quick and easy to read timeline.

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This app is pretty awesome in and of itself: nice design, useful features, albeit a bit battery draining. But what makes this app shine is the integration with some many services. For instance, I don’t have mobile internet, but using a combination of Moves and the moves-export app, I can automatically check into Foursquare at all the places I visited throughout the day once I connect to WiFi. And it even integrates with Microsoft HealthVault, one of the first “modern” apps I’ve seen to do so.



armbandphone3This a sleek, simple and very well-designed app. It could be more accurate (it counts steps too sensitively) and could estimate caloric spending. All in all, excellent work!








This is a great app for tracking walking and biking. It displays where you’ve been and how you travelled. Calculates steps, time and calories. Really fun and you don’t have to buy or wear a gadget. Highly recommended!

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