The Next Must-Have Gadget: @FiftyThree’s Pencil Stylus for iPad

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The Next Must-Have Gadget: @FiftyThree’s Pencil Stylus for iPad

App makers don’t often jump into the hardware business, but @FiftyThree is not your average tech company. Their wildly popular iPad app, called Paper, has unleashed the creative forces in thousands of avid users. And now their new stylus for iPad is bound to create even more buzz and creative excitement.

Image: Paper app creativity tool


[Photo credit: @FiftyThree]

Paper works a lot like a digital sketchbook, allowing creative minds to capture all manner of physical ideas, from illustrations to diagrams, sketches to flipbooks. The image above shows the sketch tool in the application, which empowers even those who are artistically challenged to develop gorgeous images. While it has previously been featured with the artistic favorite Wacom tablet, the introduction of the new Pencil Stylus is a game changer for the app’s fans.

Image: Graphite and Walnut Styluses


[Photo credit: @FiftyThree]

The Pencil Stylus comes in two types, Graphic and Walnut, both shown above. The Stylus works in tandem with the Paper application to help take artistic endeavors to the next level. Each are also USB compatible and can be charged in just 90 minutes. These suckers are the latest iPad accessories that will have artists drooling come the holidays.

Image: Using the Stylus


[Photo credit: @FiftyThree]

This revolutionary device truly gifts the user significantly more control over the creative process. Pencil does more than just draw and sketch, it communicates directly with the Paper app via a Bluetooth connection that syncs both devices and enables flawless drawing. The app also knows to reject palm movements while using the Stylus, which makes for the smoothest digital drawing experience ever available. Note that the Pencil doesn’t just work with Paper, either – it’s compatible with any touchscreen device.

Image: Stylus Brings Freedom


[Photo credit: @FiftyThree]

Why would a successful software company get into the hardware business? It turns out some of the founding team members at @FiftyThree are also ex-Microsoft hardware engineers. So you could say this kind of expression was already in their DNA. The team aimed to give a higher level of freedom to artists and designers, and with this kind of sophisticated functionality at a starting price of just $49.95, this is clearly a mission accomplished.

How would you envision using the Pencil Stylus from FiftyThree? What creative uses most inspire you?

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