Nymi makes wearable authentication technology a matter of the heart

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Nymi makes wearable authentication technology a matter of the heart

How cool would it be to wield in your hands the kind of technology that you only see in Sci-Fi movies? While space teleportation a la Star Trek and living in the simulated reality of the Matrix may just be a fantasy for a long time, here’s something that’s surely no less than a teaser. Canadian technology start-up Bionym just brought down the distance between the real world and the world of James Bond. Nymi, a wearable authentication technology based wristband, is the firm’s latest and most ambitious offer that has got the gadget world up on their feet.

Nymi Wristband 

  • Nymi Wristband (Photo Credit - getnymi.com)
  • Nymi Wristbands (Photo Credit - techhampton)

Photo Credit – getnymi.com, techhampton

Nymi wristband is an authentication device that reads the wearer’s cardiac rhythm or electrocardiogram (ECG), a heart activity that’s unique to every person. Simply putting it, the Nymi bracelet uses your heartbeat as your password to let you log in to your Authorized Authentication Device (AAD). So if you’ve grown tired of punching oh-so lame passwords and PINs into your smartphone, tablet, laptop/desktop or any AAD, then say no more.

Nymi Authentication Device 

Nymi Authentication Device (Photo Credit - dueiwantthat.com)

Photo Credit – dueiwantthat.com

Nymi is a highly personalised device that has been created keeping the ‘7 Foundational Principles of Privacy by Design’ in mind. Meaning, privacy will be implanted in the design and the wearer will have full control over the device. So from the moment you strap your Nymi, have your heartbeat recorded, confirm your identity and take it off, you can control an AAD within a proximity range without so much as raising a finger. Available for pre-order at a modest price tag of $79 from the Get Nymi website, it’s a kickass way to beat hackers or intruders. For, even if someone straps it on after you’ve taken it off, the wristband would simply block out that person. Neat, eh?

Nymi to access television 

Nymi to access television (Photo Credit - dailymail.co.uk)

Photo Credit – dailymail.co.uk

Here’s Bionym’s optimistic and quite futuristic idea of a world with Nymi where wearers can authenticate them not just to phones, tabs and computers, but cars, billing machines and hotel rooms too.

Nymi to unlock a hotel room, control a car or act as a credit card

  • Unlocking a hotel room (Photo Credit - numrush.nl)
  • Nymi to control a car (Photo Credit - krisabel.com)
  • Nymi as a credit card (Photo Credit - whim.fr)

Credit – krisabel.com,whim.fr,numrush.nl

Watch this video and find out if you’re ready for the future.

[vimeo 73799411]

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