Rookie – Photo Editor

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Rookie – Photo Editor

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Hi all!! I can’t believe it, but despite all the photo editing apps out there, they continue to be popular and someone, somewhere continues to dream up ways to improve on the photo app genre.  Rookie is a one stop shop everything required for your photo editing desires on IOS, and a personal favorite of mine.  Rookie is packed with a camera, filters, stickers, text border and more features. Rookie is a filter camera photo editor that benefits for those who think to go beyond just the basic photo editing options. This app helps you to express and kindle your mood on the photos.

Watch out this below video that lets you understand Rookie app little better.

Interested to know how to handle this app! Let us look at the top features of Rookie app. The Rookie app has a live filter camera that helps to make quality filters that are applied in real time. You have ample of photo effect themes that help to transform ordinary pictures into an extraordinary one that reflects your mood. Something awesome about the  Rookie app is the 116 filter effects that are great tools for anyone who likes photography.  To make finding the right filter a little easier the good people at Rookie categorized the filters into 10 different themes, some of which are free (others of course you have to purchase for 99 cents).

Here’s what one Rookie app user shares on his views about the photo editor app “I’m completely addicted to this app. It makes my entire photos look amazing and completely professional. There are a ton of filters to make your entire pictures look great! I highly suggest this app for everyone who loves taking pictures on their phones.” You are provided with editing features that satisfy users who want more sophisticated photo editing.

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Rookie app gives access to design tools that have text function, 261 badges and stickers that helps to you to express various moods and 200+ shaped frames that help to distinguish and create uniqueness for your photos. Here is the testimonial of another Rookie app user “if you’re wondering whether or not to get this app, get it and get the whole package, because, quite simply, it’s wonderful. However, my only real complaint is that it’s quite slow to shift to the camera part of the app. On my iPhone 4S it literally takes it about 3 seconds from when you push the camera icon to when it’s ready to take another photo – that’s about 3 seconds too long.” (I think this may be a result of using old hardware because I haven’t observed this with the iPhone 5)

Once you take a picture you will be able to do all sorts of editing that will be interesting to share with your loved ones and those you wish to be loved ones (because in the end, that’s what it’s all about, right?..) Rookie app syncs with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Line etc.

SlimClip Case by theWTFactory is the perfect companion to keep Rookie with You at all times AND LuxBox Case will make you look sophisticated while you snap those photos too!

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armbandphone3I have 4 different photo editor apps, and I rarely used this one. However I used this to edit formal pictures taken outside and with just 3 edits the picture looks brighter and clear vs the original. I really like that you can easily compare the edited photo vs original with a tap and hold rather than undoing all of your effects, also like being to see the side by side difference when exporting as well.









Forget vsco cam! These filters are way better! It replaced many other apps because of its many features and I use it for almost every photo that I post. I love rookie. I tell everyone to get it!




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