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Spark Camera


Hi guys!! I have been playing with a great app which helps you to direct your own small movie montages as simple as taking a picture from a camera. It is a delightgyl movie app called the Spark Camera that aims to make it simple for shooting attractive mini movies through a smartphone. The maximum length of the movie would be 30 seconds and there is no login necessary.

Take a look at the video here:

The Spark camera app is all about being super easy to use and there is an incredible functional capability. You can touch anywhere on the screen to start shooting and if you take off your finger from the screen to pause. Some of the highlighting features like gesture controlled editing, a range of user friendly filters, and the ability to share with friends, makes this Spark Camera app to be a must have for anybody who is interested to create mini videos rapidly.

So now let us see how to use this Spark Camera app. Immediately on the launch of this app on your iPhone, you can see the main recording screen, if you tap and hold anywhere on the screen, the app starts to record the video. For recording a new clip, just hold down. This is super simple.

How does this Spark Camera work?

Once the recording of the clips are done just by tapping the save button, so that you can have a look at the live preview. There are number of filters to make your movie to look great. You can also add music to the video that is now created. When you have finished all editing works, now the Spark Camera app lets you share the video created by using just a single tap with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram or via email.

Some of the top features of the Spark Camera app: There is option to create HD 720p videos, to which music can be added from your music collection on your phone. You can easily delete the last taken clip just in a second, and you can easily reshoot from there. Some of the best collections of your video clips can be saved on the Spark gallery as well as camera roll.

For real artists, the Spark Camera app lets you to make editing the movie as easy as taking a picture on your camera. There is a scissors icon when opened; you will notice all your movie clippings in a horizontal row while the movie played in the background. The app lets you to rearrange the clips tap on a clip to trim it, using the Spark circular timeline, to augment the movie from the camera roll. The Spark offers you the choice of sharing your movie to various social media networks, where in your masterpiece can be enjoyed by your friends. You would have realized that using this Spark Camera app is seamless, smooth and fast, which takes about 10 -12 seconds to save on the iPhone. Give a try on this app!

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armbandphone3I love this app. I’ve been a Spark user for just about a year now and have published nearly two hundred videos to instagram, facebook, and twitter that were all edited and fine tuned with my smartphone using SPARK. I love what I have created with this app and still go back to watch clips i have made. The interface and ease of use is stellar. I love the filter choices, though i look forward to seeing more customizable filtering options in the future. The video quality is fantastic and the audio and music capabilities have served me well! My only complaint is that i cannot make a video over one minute, but in todays world, thats probably more helpful than hurtful! I look forward to more updates from Spark and plan to be a user for a long time!













This is my go to app for video recording. The app is everything I thought it would be. I’ve always wanted a video recording app that is super quick at recording and stoping. The fact that I can record video by touching anywhere on the app and stop it when I remove my hand is awesome and a big time saver. This app enables me to record what I want when I want. This app can only get better. Thank you.


armbandphone3Spark is my favorite video editing app in the App Store. It is very simple, easy, and the results are great. The filters are all very nice but it would be cool if more were added. I love creating short Sparks then putting them all together in windows movie maker. I made a 5 minute video for a school project and used Spark to create the whole thing. I got an A+ 😉










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