Sprint Interval Workout Training

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Sprint Interval Workout Training

Ok, let’s talk STRENGTH.


We all know High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) does the business when it comes to building cardiovascular endurance and anaerobic capacity.  Sprint interval training is like a marriage between the explosive movements of plyometrics and resistance training PLUS the aerobic movements of running.  Sprint Interval Training incorporates short and high intensity sprints with slow recovery periods.


You burn calories and excess fat while you run, and during the breaks, your revved-up metabolism carries on the inferno.

With reduced fat comes increased muscle mass.


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Sprint interval training is a type of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that helps you in building your cardiovascular endurance and your anaerobic capacity (read: STRENGTH!).  Thesesprint interval workouts burn calories and excess fat while you do your actual workout as well as after the workout through a revved up metabolism and eventually even at longer rest periods through increased muscle mass as well.

As you can see from the name, this is an interval training regimen where you perform both short and high intensity sprints with slow recovery periods.  At first, you might presum that this type of workouts is only for runners or elite athletes.  But…. Of course, you would be wrong to presume that.  It’s probably obvious because that’s why I’m writing about it here, right?


When you undergo sprint interval workout, you will find significant and notable changes in your body.The body is put through constant challenges and it does not let your body stay comfortable in a routine or rhythm in momentum as you find in a lot of traditional exercise regimes.


This will seem intense as we discuss it here but, remember that like any other interval training, the sprint interval training can also be tailored to suit your fitness level and goals.


Here’s How Sprint Interval Workout Training Works

No doubt about it, sprint interval workout leads to significant and notable changes in your body.  You will see that right away.  What SIWT has over other exercise regimes is CONTRAST & MUSCLE CONFUSION.


Constant sprinting or jogging drops your body into a rhythm, a momentum, but SIWT has a fast-slow, fast-slow Bam Bam Bam approach.It may seem intense at first, but you’re the coach and you can tailor your regime to suit your fitness level and goals.


Here are the 4 biggest benefits of sprint interval training:

  1.  Takes no time at all. Marathon runners need the full 26 miles to get their kicks, but with a fully figured SIWT routine you can workout for 4-8 minutes a day, 3 days a week, sure as a slam dunk that you’re drilling down on the fat.
  2.  The anaerobic and aerobic systems get to work and stay on their toes at the same time.
  3.  SIWT loves to inspire your metabolism, and you’ll still be flying in Boostville long after your workout ends.
  4.  The intense sprints sure build fast, strong and toned muscles!



Want to hear about another great SIWT benefit?

The beauty of taking short sprints is that you don’t need a gym, a running track — or even a sidewalk.  You can get started right away on daily sprint workouts by running up and down a flight of stairs.  If you like the great outdoors? Then go find a hill, and get to busting some calories.  You can damn near do a SIWT routine anywhere!


OK! I’m Ready To Go!

To get you started on reaping all the benefits from SIWT, here’s a simple program that will have you up and running in no time at all.


Sprint Interval Workout 1


It’s one of the best half hour workouts you can do.


Quick. Effective. Burns fat.


Remember: 30 minutes is how long it takes to eat breakfast.



Now you would have got an idea about sprint interval training. The sprint workouts are quick and effective way to burn fat as well as provide the necessary cardiovascular exercise for the body. Many times, you can find that the people confuse with jogging and sprint interval workouts. And some even think that they are the same form of exercise.

Why Sprint Interval Workouts Are Way Different To Jogging

Jogging is like watching a regular soap, sprint interval workouts have you pumping alongside Bruce Willis as you battle to save the world from destruction.

OK, so that’s maybe a slightly OTT analysis, but you get the idea.


With SIWT, your body is continually changing, continually guessing.  There’s no plateau or comfort zone.  Your Heart and Lungs are forced to adapt to quickly changing demands, and this change of pace helps keep you alert and on your toes.  Jogging is a constant ba-dum-ba-dum da-dum, so the same muscles get worked in the same way, over and over. Same stress on same joints also.


SIWT messes this around and spreads the challenge, and compared to jogging, a killer SIWT routine helps you burn off way more fat.


It’s true that jogging increases heart rate (and all the other beneficial stuff), but sprint workouts do it better, and they keep delivering on payoff long after the legwork stops.


Let’s Run That 30 Minutes Again — This Time On The Treadmill

Sprint Interval Workout 2

Are the benefits the same for both men and women?

Research shows that the general benefits of SIWT spread equally between men and women.


But men do gain additional benefits?


According to the Department of Health and Exercises at Colorado State University, sprint interval training has been demonstrated to increase the level of muscle protein creation more in men than in women.  Such muscle protein increase over time will result in leaner muscle mass.


Details are here.



Ulp! So, sorry girls!   You’ll just have to content yourselves with being way better than the guys in all other respects.

It’s hard, but you can swing it.


Another Option: Tabata Is One Hot Potato

You would have heard about the tabata high intensity workouts, here is a sprint interval training from the Tabata platform.

Sprint Interval Workout 3


Turn Facts To Fat-busting Action

So, the research is with us on sprint interval workout training.  SIWT is now known to increase both muscle development and endurance capacity.  Essentially, you’re training your muscles to store more glycogen, all of which is a boost to energy levels overall.



Young, healthy people can benefit big time.   For you guys, sprint workouts improve endurance and aerobic capacity, and increase cardio-respiratory fitness and health.



Taken long term, sprint interval training improves insulin sensitivity in the body and aerobic exercise performance.



So, with all this good news — is there a catch?


The biggest deal here is the deal with any vigorous exercise.  Make no bones about it, this kind of interval training is tough on the body, so if your exercise regime is currently fixed on walking round the mall cruising for burgers, you are in for a SHOCK.  Then there’s the whole problem of overdoing stuff.


All too often, new exercise = new motivation = new pulled muscle.


So, plan your regimes with care, and factor in plenty of rest time.  General rule of thumb for any exercise is that while No Pain No Gain gets you up and running, Hey Doc I Think I’m Dyin’ says STOP.  So watch out for any chronic aches, irritation, loss of appetite, impaired strength and endurance, or interference with your regular sleep pattern.


Staying fit and busting the fat is important, but you have to get the balance right for the deal to work as it should.  Any problems, go rest or check out your doctor’s guidance.


Mean time, happy new workout option!

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