Suspension Training: Functional Strength and Muscle Confusion

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Suspension Training: Functional Strength and Muscle Confusion

Time To Hang Out With Suspension Training


What Is Suspension Training?


First thing to clear up — Suspension training is not the same thing as TRX training and classes.

TRX is actually a brand name of suspension training equipment and training classes based on the concept of suspension training.


To figure the deal on suspension training, you have to dabble in little history.

(Deep breaths if that was your no-no subject back in school! We’ll try to keep things simple!)

As a concept, suspension training has its origins in the 1800s.  Back then, it was a whole different ball game!




No TV, no cell phones, no Batman!

batman gif


But those guys with the handlebar moustaches sure got one thing figured early on.  Ropes and straps can come in real handy when you want to muscle up and get fit.  That’s the deal with suspension training; it’s a form of exercise that utilizes a rope or strap to help you build up strength.


The idea is a simple one: with the aid of a rope or strap, you can perform a ton of exercises which utilize gravity and body weight to provide resistance.  It wasn’t a new idea in the 1800s, but those moustache guys hauled it into the mainstream.


At it’s core, suspension training relies on a strong strap with two handles.  You grab the handles and perform routines against the resistance of the straps (and the resistance of your own body weight).  By adjusting the straps, you make them work like gears, upping the resistance or making it easier to handle.


It’s a full body workout, and what makes it so great is that it’s easy on space and money.


Once it was only really used (or even in the conscious awareness) by pro athletes.  Now, it’s fast becoming a great way for everyone to work out.  People are using it to improve muscle tone, lose weight, build strength, and give yourself an excellent cardiovascular makeover into the bargain.


Using the straps to calibrate resistance, you can figure your workout to suit where you’re at and where you want to go.

The suspension straps add variety too, and there are over 300 moves to try out!  Everything from knee tucks to lat rows, and modified pull ups to push ups.  If you’re feeling creative you can even fix up new ideas of your own.  Whichever moves you choose, suspension training works to exercise every last inch of your body.




Ideas To Keep you In Suspense (Yes, that is a Pun…)


Time to strap up and work out. (yes, another pun…. I couldn’t help it)


Here’s some ideas to get you started.

Suspension Training 1

But This Is Kinda Like Weight Training, Right?

Some people confuse suspension training with weight training, figuring the resistance of weights performs the same role as the resistance of straps (and your pulse-pounding, muscular body!).

But here’s the difference.

Traditional weight training mostly targets one muscle (or muscle group) at a time.


[bctt tweet=”The key difference in suspension training vs weight training is that you’re working a whole muscle set in concert. “]



Here’s some more exercise ideas that point up these key differences.


10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Suspension Training

  1. Suspension training forces your core muscles to step up to the plate. There’s no escape! And because this is a total body workout, your co-ordination receives a boost along with your muscles.
  2.  Everything is adjustable. With a simple hitch of the straps, you can alter the resistance you want to work with. By leaning into the routine in a different way, your body angle makes for variation too.
  3.  Suspension training is suitable for all types of fitness enthusiasts, from athletes to ordinary joes. It’s the one-stop weight loss and fitness tool!
  4.  Suspension training equipment is portable. It’s like a mini-gym in a carry case! So light you can take it anywhere.
  5.  With so many moves and options, you can vary your routines and workouts to suit the moment.
  6.  Nursing an injury? With so many forms of exercise ruled out when you’re knocked out, your way back to fitness starts here.  That’s why suspension training features big time in so many rehabilitation programs.
  7.  Sure, there’s resistance, but compared to standard weight training, the forces you’re working with keep you in the safety zone. That’s great for your joints, and great for staying on the positive side of strains and other injuries.
  8.  As you build up resistance in the straps, you can up the pace and intensity of your workouts. That’s great for motivation!
  9.  No muscles get a Time Out with this baby! If you want a whole new you, you have to work out the whole of you! This is Total Body Workout Central!
  10.  It’s a boost for muscles, confidence, motivation, strength, and cardiovascular endurance.


•    Gym equipment often cannot be carried everywhere, but with a suspension training system; you can set up the suspension system anywhere and start your workouts. The suspension trainers just weigh around 3 lbs, requiresminimal storage space and is easy portability.
•    Changing from one form of exercise to another is easy and hence proves to be very effective workouts.
•    This suspension training acts as a rehabilitation tool in order to help the patients to regain their body strength and firmnessespecially after a major injury.

•    You will find that the suspension training enables you to move gradually higher in your pace and intensity of workouts. The constant progress keeps your mind and spirit in a positive growth zone.
•    The ultimate advantage in suspension training is that it compels the body to work as a single unit. While in the process of suspension training, all the muscles work together to keep the body stable. But in traditional exercises, you can see that one or muscles are being used at a time.
•    This helps to improve the muscle strength as well as the cardiovascular endurance. By using varied speed in the performance gives the good workouts for the heart and lungs.

•    The suspension training causes much less stress than traditional resistance exercises on the joints. As a result the risk of injury is very low.


How effective is the suspension training?

Though there is room for more researches to be done on suspension training, the on hand testimonials shows that suspension training is effective.


Why Is Supsension Training On The Rise?

Time to say thanks to a Navy Seal by the name of Randy Hetrick.  A Seal of 14 years standing, Randy soon figured the biggest problem with a regular gym.


Gyms. Ain’t. Portable.


So he picked up on a tried and tested resistance principle and adapted it for today’s fitness enthusiasts. That’s why we have the straps, the moves — and the better bodies to show for it.



How Long should a Suspension Training Workout be?

20 to 30 minutes of training is good one to start with.  Adding repetitions or sets of workouts will help you to increase the workout time gradually. Keep in mind that even the smallest workout does count as it is better than doing no exercise at all. May be you don’t have time to do the set of workouts at a stretch, then you can go ahead and try to break it to small intervals; by doing workouts whenever you have time.

Here’s The Science Behind The Suspension


There’s no shortage of information about the research behind suspension training — everything from the benefits pull ups have for core muscles to more specific stuff like the development of those fitness mainstays, the abs.


You can take a look here.

And here.



OK, I’m Hooked! How Do I Start!

To get you going, you should be thinking of 20 to 30 minutes of training.  Start slow, and you set up a great working baseline.  From here, you can factor in more time by throwing in additional workout sets and moves.


If 20 minutes is too much for you, or your schedule means your workout time is minimal, then start with 10.  The fact is, even the shortest workout will do you a whole lot of good, and because you’re working with a portable mini-gym, there’s virtually no set-up time.

Suspension Training 2


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