What are people doing with their iPhone when they are Working Out?

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Where’s the Phone.   So you’re at the gym working out and all of a sudden you hear a cell phone go off somewhere in the distance. Not sure where that noise is coming from as it is kind of muffled and you notice the guy 3 stations down all of sudden putting his hand […]

Spark Camera

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Spark Camera

Hi guys!! I have been playing with a great app which helps you to direct your own small movie montages as simple as taking a picture from a camera. It is a delightgyl movie app called the Spark Camera that aims to make it simple for shooting attractive mini movies through a smartphone. The maximum […]

AU Mobile App – Photo goods

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AU Mobile App –  Photo goods

Artifact Uprising (AU) mobile app is designed to create tangible soft cover and hard cover picture books with the photos that are taken from the app user’s Smartphone. This is app is excellently designed and unique in the crowded photo app category. This AU is a delightfully smart innovation in the world of photography, which […]