The Rise of Calisthenics

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The Rise of Calisthenics


Calisthenics: Fitness On The Rise

Calisthenics sure has set the fitness world ablaze!



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It’s even giving the booty fitness idols a run for their money on social media.


The thing is, Calisthenics isn’t new.

It’s been around the block, and boasts plenty of fitness mainstays like burpees and pullups.


Speaking of Burpees

  What’s special about Calisthenics is that it requires no special equipment.  Do you have a body with arms and legs?  Good.  You’re good to go!

  YOU are the equipment in the Calisthenics deal, turning your own body weight and mass to your advantage.   So now you can train for body strength, muscle mass and flexibility, burning off the fat without costly gym membership fees or equipment.

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  The word ‘Calisthenics’ comes to us from the Greek for beauty and strength, so while you’re building the power you’re also making with the grace and panache.   This ain’t no Incredible Hulk kind of fitness — people, this is SPIDERMAN.   Spiderman is like the ultimate calisthenics hero    


Show Me The Calisthenics!

The principle requirements for Calisthenics are co-ordination and courage.  


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Routines incorporating this kind of exercise work great; whether you’re improving strength and balance or transforming your body by losing weight.


Not all the exercises require this level of gymnastic ability — we just chose this illustration to show you how cool you’ll look if you stick with the program!

Calisthenics  4


Like any exercise regimen, it’s important to tailor things to suit your needs and abilities.  The main point to pick up in is that Calisthenics delivers on all the fitness essentials, from boosting heart rate and trimming fat, through to increasing metabolic rate.  That’s no bad deal when the main requirement is that you simply SHOW UP!



5 Cool Calisthenics Features To Bear In Mind


  1. Studies show that Calisthenics workouts promote a healthy state of mind. It’s great for stress relief, so you’re improving confidence as you make for a better body.
  2. Calisthenics workouts are simple and easy to remember. It’s all about combining a range of postures to max effect, so simplicity meets flexibility on this one! From a selection of core exercises and postures, you can generate any number of routines to suit your style.
  3. This is compound exercise, not repetitive exercise, so a whole range of muscles gets to play.
  4. It’s creative! Tailoring your program is like switching the colors on your cell phone. No room for boredom here!
  5. Let’s say it again: Calisthenics workouts are super cheap. The only layout is what you do with your body when you’re resting after the show!


Balance is key to Calisthenics, so it’s worth bearing in mind that your progress will come with a few tumbles!  Okay, more than a few….

If you’re prepared for that, then you’re all fixed up to make the most of this exciting and flexible workout!


How Calisthenics Is Different Than Weightlifting

Remember: Calisthenics does the business by working with your own body weight and resistance, but it is NOT weight lifting!


A Calisthenics workout uses squats, lunges, leg lifts, pushups, dips, handstands, isometric holds of postures, and an innumerable number of other movements and positions; whereas weight lifting relies on external weights like kettle bells, dumbbells and other heavy stuff.


It also goes without saying that doing weight lifting workouts on your own could be dangerous.  It’s easy to hurt yourself, and with no help to hand you could find yourself in hot water with muscle strain, injuries or worse.  In contrast, Calisthenics workouts can be performed at home and without a spotter.


The deal is not so much body building and strength development as an all-round workout promoting flexibility, endurance and tone.



OK! Hit Me With Some Calisthenics Ideas!


Let’s start with some basics.


Pull-ups, dips, squats and leg raises are the way to go.   Surprisingly, most of the advanced Calisthenics moves are based on these core stalwarts.  The big deal with the advanced Calisthenics movements is how you combine your routines.


Here are three secrets to remember when you start out:

  1. Never expect your body to turn out results immediately. Take time to build on up, and be kind to yourself! The results will come in the end, but mean time, set attainable short term goals and stay motivated.
  2. Perform the workouts in a controlled way using sensible combinations. The bigger challenges will come later as your abilities develop.
  3. Eat plenty food! Sure, you want to lose the fat, but you have to keep feeding the muscles! This is demanding exercise and we don’t want anyone flaking out!


Calisthenics exercise routines are suitable for both seasoned athletes and for beginners.  Just remember if you’re a beginner you’ll have to take it a little slower working your up to the advanced combination movements.


Try it for size with these suggestions.

You’ll be amazed at the results these simple exercises will bring if you drill down and work out regularly.

Here is what all you have to do to get started with Calisthenics workouts. The most important 3 things to remember are:

  • Never expect the body to turn up with expected results very soon. Set very short term goals which will help you motivated.
  • Perform the workouts with controlled way and with proper combinations
  • Calisthenics exercises routines are suitable for both seasoned athletes and for beginners. You would be amazed on the results that these simple exercises exert if you implement them regularly.


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