Top four apps for Google Glass

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Top four apps for Google Glass

There’s a lot said about Google Glass – how useful it is, or it isn’t. Experts have weighed in on whether it is the future of computing or whether it’s just destinated to go the way of other much heralded tech disasters. But while the jury is still out, let us take a look at some of the best apps for Google Glass, as well as some sectors in which Glass is already making a mark.

Before we look at some of the best apps for Google Glass, let’s take a look at some unusual places it has already made its mark. The technology is still in its nascent phase but its already making headway in the healthcare sector, where Glass wearing doctors and nurses can instantly access a patient’s computerised records, right in front of the patient, and use it to make diagnoses and necessary changes.

In a slightly less life and death context (though the Indiana Pacers would disagree), NBA teams use Glass to record matches and stream images from the court during play. Apparently, the players’ perspective – literally – on the match, differs considerably to that of the coach or the manager.

And now, here’s a selection of the best apps for Google Glass apps available:

Field trip

This is an already existing app for Android, but it certainly seems built for Glass. The app reads your location, and then pulls info from websites to give you the history and interesting facts about the area you are walking through. It recommends restaurants and suggests concerts you could attend in that particular neighborhood.

Here’s a look at Field trip, the phone version as well as the Glass version:


  • field trip 1_modified
  • field trip 2_modified
  • field trip 3_modified
  • field trip 4_modified
  • field trip 6_modified
  • field trip5_modified

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For a more experiential understanding of Field Trip, take a look at this video:


this is a CNN app for Google Glass. Glass, as you know, allows you to shoot images from your perspective. How many times have you seen something unfolding before your eyes and wanted to share it? If you have a newsworthy story to share, download the app to your Google Glass, create an iReport account, shoot your story, enter some background details and share. This is a great way to record and report something in a spontaneous and real-time fashion.

Image: ireport

A story recently featured on iReport

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Google Glass has made numerous breakthroughs in the health sector. This particular app is meant for the hearing impaired. Glass wearers will get real time captions of the conversation around them, so that they can follow what is going on. The app can also be used at the movies and at lectures. And its not just for the hearing impaired – it can be used to follow conversations in all kinds of settings, as well as to get movie subtitles for any language film.

This video explains the app in greater detail:

My homework

Staying on top of multiple assignments can be tough. The My Homework app on Glass allows you to keep track by asking “What’s due?” You can also pull up more details about your project, work on it, and remove it from your list once you’re done.

Image: My homework

The My Homework app on Google Glass will make sure you keep up with your coursework!

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What are your views on Google Glass, and what do you think are the best apps on Google Glass? Share your thoughts in comments below:

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