Ultrakam Pro – The Professional Camera App

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Ultrakam Pro – The Professional Camera App


Like to take high definition videos? There is an app for that, Ultrakam Pro. Investing in this app proves to be a way to turn your iPhone or iPad into (almost) professional video equipment. Let’s take a look at this third party application for the IOS, which enables to take amazing, high quality photographs and videos.

Take a look at this video:

Using this app, you can make resolutions directly from your iPhone that are 1080p HD for video footage, on the other hand using this app your mobile device can add on some pixels. Here using this Ultrakam Pro app, videos can be shooting with 70% more pixilation that can be compared with the usual HD; also the app offers immense and attractive detail to the pictures and the videos video. But make sure your phone or tablet has the ample amount of free space to store the captured video files (believe me, you will need it)!



Moving to the Ultrakam Pro features, the app actually offers a lot of interesting features, like independent focus, exposure, white balance. There are options to record via multiple rates of frames and there is a professional feel to the application. Here the media players is built – in but the audio playback is not up to the mark. The Ultrakam Pro app is a unique camera app, that lets to store the pictures in the form of JPEG or H.264 iframes files.

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