How to use mobile apps to achieve fitness and health goals

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How to use mobile apps to achieve fitness and health goals

We all have our own personal fitness and health goals. It could be as ambitious as a smoking hot body, or as basic as being able to climb a flight of stairs without panting like a dog. But finding the discipline and motivation to stay on course with your fitness regimen is hard.

If you can’t measure how you are progressing, or see how close you are to achieving your fitness and health goals, you may end up disillusioned and give up, even before you’ve given it a proper go. Which is where fitness apps can play a big role in motivating, inspiring, and entertaining – yes, entertaining – you as you aim for greater fitness. And because no two people are alike, we’ve discovered that there is pretty much a fitness app for every kind of person.

What kind of fitness app works for you?

We’ve taken a look at various lists of top fitness apps, and picked the ones that we think work best for each personality type or fitness need.

For instance, some of us are procrastinators. We have good intentions, but we’re overwhelmed by what has to be done, and have trouble getting started at all. You think, that any day now, you will get started on that fitness regimen and transform your life. Any day now. But hey, if you’re still on that couch, try this app, C25K – tellingly named Couch to 5k, that will ease you into fitness, stage by stage. The intensity increases each week in a manageable way.

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C25K allows you to increase the intensity of your workout every week

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Then there are some folks have no trouble at all getting started. However, they struggle to stay motivated and inspired day after day. After a few days, they hit the snooze button and roll over, fitness be damned!

The folks behind Zombie run (which we’ve blogged about before), have a fun new app, called The Walk, which won’t let boredom set in. It is basically a way to track and record the number of steps taken, but that is where any similarity with a regular pedometer ends. The Walk has a beautifully plotted and detailed narrative, which sends you on a mission to solve crime by walking all over Britain. Along the way, you’re supplied with clues, suspects and plot developments!

Here’s a look at how The Walk builds a story to keep you going.

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  • walk2_modified
  • walk3_modified
  • walk4_modified
  • walk5_modified
  • walk6_modified
  • walk7_modified

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More apt apps

Now what if youhave no issue with motivation, but have a specific fitness and health goal, such as weight loss, or building your upper body strength? GymGoalABC offers more 250 different exercises, with specific exercises for working out specific body parts. It allows you to log your activity and revisit it later. You can check your progress too, or detail your nutritional needs. It also comes with BMI, BMR and body fat calculators.

Image: Gymgoal abc


One of GymGoalABC’s many features is that it offers part specific exercises

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Fitocracyis tailormade for competitive types.  It encourages you to be part of a larger community and benchmark your progress against your peers. You can post about how you’re doing, and what your goals are. But it’s not all competition – the community will cheer you on to achieve your goals as well. Fitsby also promotes competition – in this app, you can bet on yourself to achieve a task before your friends. There’s even an option to use money while betting – so why not push yourself that much harder?

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With Fitsby, you can compete against friends and push yourself harder

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Perhaps you’re a micro manager who thrives on information. Who needs to account for every minute of every day. Try Fitbit, which gives you a data overload – steps taken, calories burnt, distance covered, number of active minutes, and so on.

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Love stats and facts? You’ll love Fitbit

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And finally, here’s an app for anyone who’s obsessed with getting a six pack – the self explanatory Six Pack Abs. It has HD demo videos of exercises, more than 50 abs-specific exercises and six full-fledged workouts. All with music that pumps you up equally.

Check out this demo of Six Pack Abs on youtube:

Tracking your footsteps? Keep your phone handy

Once you’ve found and downloaded your app, don’t forget to have your phone by your side to track your movements. A good clip case will help you carry your phone everywhere, without drawing unnecessary attention to what you’re doing. But it’s not much fun explaining why you’re walking around with a very visible mobile case. You could leave it in your pocket, but that doesn’t feel secure – especially when you’re using an app as action-packed as The Walk.

The SlimClip from Wonderful Things Factory is light, sleek and minimalist, and an excellent companion to help you take your iPhone or Galaxy along on your fitness journey.

Do you recognize yourself from the descriptions above? What kind of fitness app do you think would work best for you? Share your thoughts in comments below.

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