What Your iPhone Can Do that Maybe You Didn’t Know it Can Do

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What Your iPhone Can Do that Maybe You Didn’t Know it Can Do

You already know that the iPhone is awesome.  Still, we’ve become so used to it that we often forget that it’s a miniature computer in our pockets that would blow the computers that NASA used to send a rocket to the moon away!


We won’t be introducing you to anything that important today but still hopefully you can find a few things you didn’t already know:

  • When you make a mistake while typing something or editing, all you need to do is just little shake to your phone. You would get a pop up comment asking whether you want to undo the last action! This is super useful if you use the note taking app to keep important notes.  One mistake and you can easily wipe out an entire note!  Just shake it in your frustration and you’ll be able to recover it (hopefully you didn’t exit the app yet because there’s no coming back from that one).
  • Want to charge your iPhone at lightning speed? If you change to airplane mode it will charge twice as fast! This is because your phone battery is turned off, which results in wireless draining and any other cellular accessing for your phone.
  • Use Siri to read stuff, you can give voice commands to your iPhone to read almost anything. Say for example if you want to read your email, you can just say “Read my email”and then Siri helps you by reading emails aloud.
  • Finding difficult to snap a picture by pressing the capture button on your iPhone, especially when you wear a gloves or unable to use the touch screen; you can use the volume up or the volume down button to shoot a picture.
  • If you want to click a picture in your iPhone, while you are using your apple headphones all you need is just press the center of the headphone button to snap a picture.
  • Did you know that, your iPhone would track everywhere you have been to and it saves all your location data? Yeah! Unless you disable this feature, your iPhone keeps saving all the locations you had been to recently. Some people who are concerned about their privacy, would find this feature little annoying.  You can easily disable this feature in settings if you are uncomfortable.
  • There are instances where you may your iPhone unattended. In such cases, any new messages can be disabled to preview on the home screen. By this way you can prevent others noticing your SMS alerts. All you need to do is go to Settings >> Notification >> Messages >> Show Preview.

  • You can just swipe the home screen of iPhone upward to get to the camera, wifi & Bluetooth settings, and activate  them without unlocking the screen.
  • Finding annoying to move to the music control display while you are working out?  Here is a shortcut: you can just double tap the home button, which will open up the music control display screen. You don’t have to unlock the screen to go to the music menu.
  • When you have reached the bottom of the page and now you want to go up in the screen – just simply tap the top screen to reach to the top of the page.
  • If you want to revive a frozen iPhone – you can just hold the power and the home keys continuously for 10 seconds. This will hard reset your iPhone.
  • You can type the acronym of a word, and then your iPhone automatically enters the text completely. You can do this by Settings >> General >> Keyboard. You can type “brb”, then your iPhone automatically types in text as “be right back”.
  • For example you are browsing the website from your iPhone and you wanted to save the image to your photo gallery. You can just tap and hold on the image, then the menu pops up whereby you can store the images.
  • Have Siri set your alarm: Just say “set my alarm” and say the time to be set. Siri sets your alarm!!
  • You are browsing something and want a screen shot of the current screen thinking how to do it? It is by just pressing the Home and the Sleep button simultaneously, you will hear a camera shutter sound. The current screen would have been captured and saved in your photos.
  • If you want to make your iPhone remind you of some action to be performed in a particular location; you can do this by making a reminder to do something when you go to that particular location. But this will eat your battery life, as the GPS of your iPhone would be running all the time.
  • If you want to immediately silence your iPhone in case if it is ringing or vibrating, then tap one of the volume buttons found on the side of your phone.
  • When you want to move to a different app from the current app screen, you can just double press the home button, this will bring up the multitasking bar. By doing this, you can swap between recently opened two apps. Hence you need not close the current app to move to the other app.
  • This never happens to me but I’ve heard of some myth of this… if you forget your own number; in your iPhone you can find your number located on the top of all your contacts.
  • While you are using the music app on your iPhone you can shuffle the songs easily by light shaking. You can disable this shuffle via music settings.
  • If your iPhone seems to have no signal available, then you can just turn on the Airplane mode and turn it off again. This lets you to establish the signal on your phone.
  • While you travelling, it is good to have an idea of the popular apps that the locals of a particular area use. It may food, public transport or nightlife etc. you can see what the locals population are downloading by accessing the App Store.
  • We have used the Do Not Disturb feature, to prevent the callers disturbing at a specific period of time. What if you have a set a Do Not Disturb feature that ranges between a set period of time and your favorite contact person rings you up?  In these cases, you set in advance that if you get a second call from your favorite contact within three minutes, then your iPhone will automatically ring you up.


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