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What is theWTFactory

It’s not what you think!

The Wonderful Things Factory (aka theWTFactory) is working right now (literally) to create cool stuff for you to use, wear, touch, look at, and experience.

If you connect with us through our products, packaging, websites, Social Media, trade shows, races, and/or events; we want you to feel good vibes and trust what we are doing.

We develop our products around personal experiences with functionality, beautiful style, and quality construction at the top of our development priorities.

Q.     Well, what do you guys do? A.     We dream up cool new stuff (or improvements on stuff), design it, prototype it, test it, and make it Wonderful.  Then we answer your questions, listen to your feedback, and make what we do more Wonderful.


Communications Manager


Lorraine Grijaldo

Communications Manager

carl calilung social media


Carl Calilung

Social Media Manager

christina voll social media and growth manager

Christina Voll

Social Media & Growth Manager

ashley vance copywriter thewtfactory


Ashley Vance


breana payne editor thewtfactory


Breana Payne

Magazine Editor


ashley versteeg outreach and retail

Ashley VerSteeg

OutReach & Retail

rebekah mackay outreach and retail

Rebekah MacKay

OutReach & Retail

stuart white outreach and retail

Stuart White

OutReach & Retail


We have only just begun so check back with us frequently, we are continuously dreaming up more Wonderful Things!

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Driven to Design | Focused on Function


On occasion we will test products on a limited supply basis to see what the market has to say. Have your say by purchasing, cheering, tweeting, sharing, or emailing us directly. If a limited product shows continued demand, rest assure we will make sure there is more good stuff coming.

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Clip & Go

Get to know the ease, comfort, convenience, & security of SlimClip Case for yourself...

Clip & Go

Get to know the ease, comfort, convenience, & security of SlimClip Case for yourself...