LuxBox Case ZERO

LuxBox Case ZERO

We checked out a number of ultra-thin phone cases and….

Well, they were ALL quite disappointing 😒so….

We knew it was time for theWTFactory to answer the need for a functional, protective, and super sleek ultra-thin iPhone case.

The most compelling innovation of the LuxBox Case is that it’s the only ultra-thin case you can buy that actually has a rim that extends beyond the smartphone screen to protect the screen in case of an accidental drop.

“With LuxBox Case ZERO, we engineered the first truly protective ultra-thin minimal iPhone case. The design has been a long time in the making, but after listening to the needs of our fans, we realized that the answer for the perfect iPhone case was one where simplicity reigns supreme. Now, after removing what was unnecessary from past designs, we are left with an iPhone case that is simplicity itself.”

– J Keith Hall | Product Designer

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