theWTFactory Partners

Revenue | Marketing Partner | Growth

  • Direct Deposit
Automated deposits into your PayPal account.
  • Analytics
Analytics on your affiliate links and tools available 24/7 on your dashboard
  • True Partnership
Unlike most affiliate programs, in theWTFactory Partners program you will not only benefit from industry leading profit sharing (25% per sale). We will develop a symbiotic relationship in which we elevate your brand awareness, your content, and your message.
Why? Because we know that you whatever we do to elevate and promote you and your brand will help our brand awareness as well. We will be true partners to the extent that if you have suggestions for product improvements or want to get involved during the product development stage...

Well, welcome to the board room.
  • Ready to Go Templates
Your partnership links, banners, coupon codes, HTML templates and other affiliate tools are fully customizable. We have you all set up with some ready to go templates to get you started while you or your designer customizes your banners, landing page, and other affiliate tools.

If you want, you can just stick with the stock templates, though we recommend that you make them your own with your own images and voice for the best performance.

You will have to have you banners and links approved before you can upload them onto your dashboard but don't worry... As long as there isn't anything scandalous you shouldn't have any problems 😉
  • The theWTFactory Promise

Don’t worry.

We ALWAYS stand behind our product/s and keep our promises.

If your followers order and for some reason the product/s doesn’t work for them we will refund them within the first 15 days of purchase.

If there is problem or failure of the product in the first 365 days of their purchase we will replace it for FREE!


Active partners will be given a 5 unit allowance on select products for promotional images, product giveaways / contests, and other promotional activities.

For contests / giveaways, theWTFactory will dropship the prizes for you….  No worries 💯


"Holding my smartphone in my hand, using an awkward and ill-fitting armband, bra-stuffing the phone, or placing my phone down while working out wasn't working for me. SlimClip Case is a great, comfortable solution."
slimclip case
theWTFactory Customer

Clip & Go

Get to know the ease, comfort, convenience, & security of SlimClip Case for yourself...

Clip & Go

Get to know the ease, comfort, convenience, & security of SlimClip Case for yourself...